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Liberian Association in Holland Electoral Process

EFLA Electoral Mission Report

Date : September 30, 2017

Place : Karspeldreef 501, 1102 BX Amsterdam, Netherlands

EFLA Electoral Observers : Kingston WLEAH Sr, Liana Maria URSA


Liberians living in Netherlands met on Saturday, 30 September, in Amsterdam to elect the new leadership of the Liberian Association in Holland (LAH). The meeting was led by the head of the Election Commission Mr. George TOM, seconded by Mr. Alien KAMARA and Mr. Milton COOPER.

The meeting began with the presentation of the elective positions and the explanation of the electoral process. The Electoral Commission confirmed that the candidates met all the requirements and the scrutiny process. The LAH members present were informed about the candidates registered for the eligible positions. Miss Judy T. GILLIAN, Mrs. Vivian KHOLOBARLEE and Mrs. Amina DE LANG SAAD presented their candidacy to the Electoral Commission for the following positions : Vice-president, Financial Secretary and Tresurer. These positions were uncontested. For the position of LAH Presidency, there were two candidates : Mr. Nicholas DOE and Mr. Christopher HARMON.

Candidates for uncontested positions were asked to introduce themselves, to present their skills, their professional and association experience and their programs to move LAH forward and work for the unity of the Liberian community of Holland. They then answered several questions asked by the LAH present members.

The candidates at the LAH Presidency first made an open statement. Then they were asked to inform the audience why they want to run for this position and what is their agenda to move LAH forward. A series of question-answers were addressed to the two candidates on various themes (reconciliation, youth, unity, projects in Holland and Liberia, their qualities and weaknesses, etc.).

After these moments, the electoral process began with the verification of the identity of the voters. Two ballots were distributed to the voters: one for the LAH Presidency and one for Vice-president, Financial Secretary and Tresurer positions (in fact, a blank vote for these positions, because uncontested).

Forty Nine (49) Liberians residing in Netherlands came to vote. After the verification of their actual residence in Netherlands, forty seven (47) voters were qualified to vote and two (2) voters were disqualified by the Identity Verification Committee composed by Mr. Kingston W. WLEH Sr and two LAH Presidency’ candidates observers.

After counting the votes, in the presence of all the voters, of observers of the two LAH Presidency’ candidates and EFLA observers’, Mr. DOE was proclaimed President by the Electoral Commission. In his favor were 28 votes, Mr. HARMON receiving 19 votes. Both candidates proclaimed the electoral process free, transparent and correct. There has been no dispute about the electoral process.

The LAH meeting ended with the speach of all the elected officials. They expressed the desire to work with all the Liberians living in Nederlands to strengthen locally the association, to achieve reconciliation and to increase LAH capacity to carry out development projects in Liberia.

Head of EFLA Electoral Mission

Kingston W. WLEH Sr, EFLA & ULAB President

EFLA Rapporteur

Liana Maria URSA, ULAB Secretary General






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