History of Flag Day in Liberia

On October 24, 1915, the President of the Republic of Liberia signed into law an act passed into law by the National Legislature, which announced that August 24 would be made a public holiday, offering the people of Liberia a chance to realize the national flag as a symbol of pride, fidelity, and dignity.

The flag has 11 stripes whites and reds and a single white star. The Liberians go to call the flag the Lone Star.

The blue field in the flag represents the continent of Africa while the white star on the blue field represents the freedom finally given to the slaves of the country. The 11 stripes signify the eleven signatories that brought Liberia independence and the framework of the constitution. The six red stripes show valor and the five white stripes represent purity.


22 AUGUST 2020, Amsterdam, NL

EFLA Representatives (EFLA President Mayango Arku, Mme. Patience Barway, Former EFLA President Kingston W. WLEH Sr. and EFLA Secretary Treasurer Liana Maria URSA) presence at the Liberian Community in The Netherlands 2020 FLAG DAY CELEBRATIONS!




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